We provide Sourcing, Product Development, Branding, Program Building and Business Consulting support to inventors and companies wanting to produce automotive accessories and parts.


We have long standing relationships with many reliable manufacturers, and are able to get quality products made and negotiate competitive pricing. 

Product Development 

We take products through all the developmental stages from concept to prototyping, sampling, testing and finally production, making sure to pay attention to the hundreds of details.


We create an overall plan of how products should look and feel at various touch points and ensure that they align with the product's market positioning.  This involves product naming and packaging design; logo and marketing materials development; social media and website creation; and advertising and PR services.

Program Building

We design specific sales and product programs to drive sales and meet clients' business goals.

Business Consulting

We analyze and identify key business opportunities in product invention, product line revamping, distribution channels and marketing to enable growth and profitability. 

How We Work

Tell us your story and then we decide together what you need to get your product to market. Each client's needs are different and so we don't have "a one size fits all" approach.

We value quality, integrity, perseverance, communication and team work.  Our main purpose is to contribute to our client's success.  

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